Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vissi d'Arte : "Simmetrico"

In this "twisted" world,

"symmetry" can still be found. 

Love the view? 

I do.

"Not Just Another Shot of Busy City Life"
by Eva S.

Love the colors?
I do too. 

Can you see the similarity? 

Please remember, my dear readers, "always add more colors to things you see everyday".
Maybe you'll discover new things.

Until next entry

Eva S.

Photo Credit : View of the Rama 1 Rd from BTS Siam Station - me
The kaleidoscope - Here

Vissi d'Arte : Healing Power of Music

"M e l a n c h o l y"

 a distasteful, undesirable, unwelcome state of mind

But what if one morning, Melancholy just comes knocking on your door,

"Hey, let's go out and play!", said Melancholy, 
"You know, your favorite about we play hide and seek? 
You hide yourself in your perfect sweet smiles or a straight face 
and I'll catch you from your heartbreaking past.

what do you say?"

Well, sometimes the invitation is too tempting to say no.
But what will you do if Melancholy pushes you to the ground and you get hurt?
who will you turn too?

Will you run to your mom and cry?
You are a grown-up now.

My advice?
 Don't call an ambulance or search the house for first aid kit.
You don't need them for the wound that Melancholy causes.

Just grab the nearest musical instrument
and smash that unpleasant feeling with it!

Let's say you have a guitar,

Or there're drumsticks on the table,
a jar, a can, glasses, whatever!


Trust me, music heals :)

I've heard one saying 
"When I'm sad, I sing. Because then I realize my voice is worse than my problems."

Funny, humble, but wise.  


Fill your hearts with music, my dear readers. 
It's good for your soul.

Love, Eva S.

About the video
The cover version of Slow Club's "Christmas TV"
on Ukulele by Eva S. 
Shot with Nikon D3100 Digital camera with DX lens

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vissi d'Arte : 6 Letters. 1 Word.

6 Letters

1 Word

G E N I U S!!!

by OK GO

Please give standing ovation after watching this video.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vissi d'amore: Filling the air with love and music

 Happy Valentine's Day !

"Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer
Cover by Eva S.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vissi d'arte: "When you were born big!"

     One day, while I was walking in the concrete jungle, I heard a sound from behind. I turned and i saw a bush behind me shaking as if it were alive.

      "Who's there?", I shouted. No reply. Then I noticed a big eye. A pair of very very big eyes peeking out of the bush. It was an elephant. 

"What are you doing, big guy? Why are you hiding behind the bush?" 
"I'm scared," said the Elephant, "people in this woods are cruel."
 "But you are, like, hundreds times bigger than them!", I shouted. "Why do you have to fear them?"

"They say I don't belong here," he said with a shaking voice, "They say I'm ugly. They say I'm huge."
I saw his eyes turning red. The big Elephant was about to cry.

"It's okay, big guy," I consoled him, "Please don't cry. Give me a big smile."
"you know," I continued,"it's better to come out of the bush and just face those mean people. You were born big, so be big...and be brave. Show them what you can do! Can you roar? Give me some roar! Don't let anyone tell you what to do or what to be. Do those people own this jungle? No, they don't. So they don't have the right to say who belongs here and who doesn't!"

A smile appeared on the Elephant's face.
"You're right," said the Elephant, "I'm much bigger than those people so why do I have to fear them. I can roar louder than thousands of them shouting at the same time. I can jump high. I can touch the sky. It's time for me to be heard. It's time for me to rise."

Then the Elephant stood up. It was very tall, taller than anything around him, tallest in the concrete forest."

"Thank you, little friend," The Elephant turned to me, "for making me believe in myself again."

"You're welcome." I replied.

"But promise me one thing, ok? Please don't smash those people like ants. You are better than that."
The Elephant nodded and gave me a big smile.

I smiled too. 

Hope you enjoy my late night story. "The Elephant" is an office building in Bangkok. It's cute though. It's really not easy to live in a big concrete jungle. All we have to do is survive. Words are the most fetal weapons of war. People get up at dawn, go out, and race for the top positions on the human pyramid. But well, let's go back to my story. What I want to say is to be brave to be who you are. Don't let words of the others poison you. 

Well, i've said it all. 

Thanks for reading.

Eva S. 

P.S are you smiling like the elephant and me? :)

(Photo credit : me)