Friday, December 4, 2009

Vissi d'amore # 9: Music inspired by TV series

This is the second entry that I write about music. I can't help it as music is another thing I can't live without and they are all so inspiring in many ways.

To define myself a bit clearer about my taste of music: I love music that inspires me. And I just don't know why music from motion pictures or tv series has so much magic on me. Maybe it's because of the atmosphere that this kind of music brings; you know, when you hear the song from your favourite movie, it can bring back the air from the movie, the dialogue, the faces of the characters, etc. They will all come back to you. And I find that feeling quite fascinating.

TV series are ultimate unlimited sources for that kind of music that I like. For my teenage life that I've always been a couch potato and I've been stick to some of the most acclaimed tv series in my years. One Tree Hill, The OC, Grey's Anatomy, Smallville and the most recent one, Gossip Girl.

These tv shows are the sources of all kind of music, from indie to pop-punk to electronic even ambient and spiritual music.

Here I just wanna share my playlist which contains all the selected songs from my favourite Tv series. All the tracks are available in iMeem and youtube or whatever music source websites. I find myself at peace when listening to this playlist ;D

I don't wanna be - Gavin DeGraw : One Tree Hill
California - Phantom Planet : the OC
Everything - Lifehouse : Smallville
Collide - Howie Day : One Tree Hill
How to save a life - The Fray : Grey's Anatomy
Honey and the Moon - Joseph Arthur : The OC
Lack of colour - Death Cab for Cutie : The OC
Look after you - The Fray : Smallville
Love of the Loveless - Eels : Queer as folk
Missing you - Tyler Hilton : One Tree Hill
No one's gonna love you - Band of Horses : One Tree Hill
Reverse of Shade - The Windupdeads : Gossip Girl
Run - Snow Patrol
She has no time - Keane
Save me - Remy Zero : Smallville
Waiting for my real life to begin - Colin Hay : Scrubs
Walnut Tree - keane : the OC
What if I missed you - Edwin McCain
Within you - Ray Lamontagne : Grey's Anatomy
You could be happy - The Fray: Samllville
Hide and Seek - Imogan Heap : The OC
It ends tonignt - The All-American Reject
Time won't let me go - The Bravery: Gossip Girl
All we are - One Republic : Gossip Girl


Eva S.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Vissi d'arte # 9 : Let the movie heals your soul

Some people might be looking for some kind of therapy for their weary souls.

Some try retrail therapy, letting money wash away all worries.
Some try alcohol, letting the chemistry in their body lead them into a wonderland of thousands of fireflies and blur images.
Some try music as it's considered the first-aid of all malaises.
Some try driving fast car, books, eating, etcetera.

I am also among those "some" who are trying to find a peace of mind. And I've chosen 'film therapy'. To me, I breath inspiration, I live inspiration and I love inspiration! So when there are few to find in real life, I turn to films.

The time when you watch a movie is like spending 2 or 3 hours watching the lives of the others. During that time, you'll be allowed to forget who you are for a moment. At first you'll be left in an exotic land with unfamiliar people and foreign melody in the background. Then, little by little, you'll become accostumed to those people, places and music. You'll hear their words, understand their ideas, and finally learn their lessons. And in the ends those people will lead you back to reality with new concepts in your mind about whatever thing you've been looking for. You'll hear the sound of the ending and it will keep sounding in your head for a long while.

That's the sign of the arrival or inspiration for me.
Interesting, isn't it? This kind of therapy.

Now if you are looking for some inspirational movies, I suggest you try "Elizabethtown".
Everything is there for you; exotic places, inspiring people and music.

In search of a good soul remedy such as inspiration, you'll need a good map. With one in your hand, you'll never get lost!

"Don't forget, 60B!"

What about you? Tell me in what movie you've been wandering to find inspiration.

Enjoy the show,

Eva S.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Vissi d'amore # 8 : Passion for blank space

This Vissi d'amore is about my notebook collection!
Yes, I love notebooks coz i love to write and draw something on an empty paper. Even now there's an immense blank space called "a blog" for me to write whatever I want without wasting another tree in the forest, notebooks still have more charms for me as inspirations always come to me when staring at a blank paper than a blinking cursor.

This one is the notebook and agenda all in one with collection of paintings of a scottish painter Jack vettriano,one of my fav contemporary artists.

You know, I even own more notebooks than reading books!
I'm always easily drawn to a nice designed notebook.

This one looks like an antique pocket book to me. If only I could finish the story i've been writing...

This one is very cute with a cartoon of a lone french woman telling about her story on the road. See how nice the graphic on the paper is! How cute!

the collection of korean notebooks with the pics of Rome,my always beloved city on the covers

And there are many times that I buy one without knowing what to write. Sometimes I buy a very beautiful notebook that I don't want to write anything on the paper coz i'm afraid to ruin it.

This one is an-antique-like mulberry paper notebook, very beautiful. It's the crown jewel of my collection. I bought it 3 years ago from a bookfair and even now it's still all blank.

Inspiration, for me, to write or draw or create something has never dried out eventhough there are times that inspiration is hard to find.

My diary used to be a notebook as thick as a very big business organizer diary

I buy a notebook for someday I believe that there would be something; some ideas, some drawings, or some stories that are worth keeping in such a special notebook.

So I wish my story inspires you in some way. Search your desk drawer, maybe you'd find your forgotten notebook with something in your head to write.

Sweet dream,

Eva S.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vissi d'amore # 7 : Winter's playlist

This winter is all about good attitudes toward life, creativity, inspirations, also about finding who I really am so that I can make my perfect plan for the future and getting through tough times with my brightside ideas!

This "Vissi d'amore" is about Music as it's another thing that I can't live without and my Ipod Touch has become the love of my life!

And when I combine these two things together, music and my favourite season of the year, I come up with my winter playlist! And here are the songs that I will sing to the world in the cold breeze! And of course, I've put many songs that I like but are not related to the concept of the season!

I gotta feeling - Black Eyed Peas
Free to be - Sonohra
Live High - Jason Mraz
The ballad of Gus and Sam - Ferraby Lionheart
Scegli me - Finley
Faith ( George Michael cover) - Smash!
Man in the mirror - James Morrison
Salvami - Sonohra
F**k you - Lily Allen
Jesus of Suburbia - Greenday
Our lives - the Calling
All we are - OneRepublic
Good girls go bad - Cobra Starship
Sunshine - All-American Rejects
Do me a favour - Arctic Monkeys
Part of the list - Ne-Yo
Strawberry Swing - Coldplay
Cinpuemila Mini Mani - Sonohra
Paparazzi - Lady Gaga
Chasing cars - Snow Patrol
Hum Hallelujah - Fall Out Boy
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something
Collide - Howie Day
Take a picture - Filter
Falling in love - McFly
Happily Never After - Nicole Scherzinger
The air we breath - Figurines
La meme histoire - Feist
You belong with me - Taylor Swift
No surprises - Radiohead
Friday I'm in love - The Cure
How to save a life - The Fray

Have a great week!
Eva S.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Vissi d'arte # 8 : How do you interpret art?

I've got an inspiration from Special selected topic class again! It's been the second time already (the first one was the entry about an italian proverb). So now I can say that it's not just a normal class after all!

Anyway, how do you interprete an art? That's the question I've been asking myself for a long time now. It's an objective matter. The only way to know what a piece of art wants to tell you is to go ask the artist himself!

Art interpreting has been my hobby since I've taken the italian art class last year, followed by History of western arts and art appreciation last semester.

But this one is interesting:

Picture credit:

This is the illustration from newspaper in Italy around the 60's. It's the photo of two italian cyclists, Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali. In the pic, it's said that they are sharing a drink in the middle of the road in Italy's most anticipated cycling competition,il Giro d'Italia.

And what makes this photo special? Here it is, this pic, according to my teacher, has been the discussion for almost 40 years about who was the one who passed the drink and who was about to take the bottle? Was it the man in the front who passed the drink? Or was he trying to grab the bottle from the man behind?

As the two cyclists are already 6 feet under! and how can we find the witness of that events? Chissa?

Now I have something to think on the bus on my way to the university!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vissi d'.... I really don't know how to categorise this entry!

Lunedi scorso, il nuovo professore d'italiano ha cercato d'incoraggiare gli studenti ad avere reazione sulla lezione. Quindi ha scritto questa frase sulla lavagna...

"Non ci sono domande stupide
ci sono solo risposte stupide"

Have you ever asked a stupid question?

Translated version: My italian teacher wrote this on the whiteboard in class last monday to encourage students to respond to the lesson. It's a proverb saying "There's no such thing like a stupid question; there are only stupid answers."

And then I ask, "Have you ever asked a stupid question?"

I think I have.

Eva S.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Vissi d'arte #7 : A day in an art gallery

Speaking of an Art gallery, there aren't many in Bangkok, I must say. I don't know why. I cannot say that there aren't many artists in town coz there ARE many young talented artists IN TOWN. Although I prefer those glorious museums in Europe especially in the home of the Renaissance like Florence, browsing around Bangkok for a hidden art gallery is also exciting and inspiring! Being in an art gallery keeps me at peace. It's good letting your mind in those artistic pieces and trying to interprete the messages of the artists.

Me and house models. It is an exhibition of students of faculty of architecture from the same university that I go.

Me and my friend's camera at a photography exhibition.

The display on the wall

A group of portrait painters playing music while there's no client.

A very nice shirt displayed in a gelatoria in the gallery

Pieces from an art exhibition. The pic in the middle is the pic of Lord Buddha in meditation with girls from the 60's ads...umm...very interesting :)

Photo credit: Me!

Location : Bangkok's Art and Cultural Center

Enjoy weekend, everyone!

Love, Eva S.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vissi d'amore #6 : Perfume

Have you ever forgotten to wear perfume before leaving your dressing table? I have and trust me, it was not a good day at all. It just happened to me a few days ago that's why I decided to write about my obsession of it!

I like going out with a good attitude. get dressed up with style and have my ipod earphones plugged in my ears are something I have to do before starting a "nice day". Perfume is another thing I can't live without. It's not just a sweet smell that you leave in a car or on the path when you walk by. Perfume is, to me, a tool to boost my confidence. If I forget to wear perfume before going out, I'd feel like i'm not fully dressed! Seriously, I'm addicted to those sweet scents, I must say.

I got my first bottle of fragrance from my mom when I was in junior high. It was Ralph Cool by Ralph Lauren. I fall in love with sweet smell of perfume ever since. Maybe I got this love of perfume from my mom. She collects perfume bottles since she was a college girl and displays all of them in a showcase in her bedroom!

But it's a bit weird that I'm not into the kind of floral scent. My mom once said that I'm not so 'girlish' when speaking of my taste and she also named the kind of fragrance that I like as "bubble gum scent". I got a thing about fruity smelling perfumes or light ones like that Ralph Cool one, Lacoste Pink perfume and my recently favourite 'Just me' by Paris Hilton and CK In2U.

Here are what's on my dressing table:

Ralph by Ralph Lauran, as I told you that it's my first perfume and it's still there, Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren, and Just me by Paris Hilton which I got it for my birthday from my mom.

Fiorucci by Fiorucci, I got it from Rome as I don't think there's any Fiorucci shop in Thailand (or I just haven't find it yet?), CK In2U, and a taster of Forever by Mariah Carey.

All piture credits go to

And here's the sweetheart of my collection, Miss Dior Cherie.

Photo credit : me

well, no matter how stylish you look or no matter what perfume you wear, a girl will never be fully dressed without a smile!

Keep smiling and have a great week!

Eva S.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Vissi d'arte # 5 : Prom for Bangkok's style geeks

I've been out of town for the past weekend for a family gathering. Family time was great not to mention that I had missed all the Thursday, Saturday and Sunday shows of ELLE Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2009-2010! But I managed to go there anyway on Thursday before leaving. It was such a great night. The piazza of Central World was transformed into a playground for stylish people and also fashion observers and style geek like me! Everyone picked up their best clothes and accessories for the big night. Just like they were going to a prom! But to me, my fashion-wise management system was shut down for no reason! Hahaha, I woke up in the morning couldn't think of what to wear to the show so I ended up with my Kitsch's sleeveless coat and stokings...simple but still smart! hahaha

I got to see 2 shows; Disaya and 27 Friday, and I must say "THAI DESIGNER ROCKS !!!" Gee, I was impressed and stunned by the creativity of those talented designers. The king of that night, to me, was cleary 27Friday. The show was fresh, creative and inspiring. The use of thai traditional clothing patterns was amazing. The part that I like the most is that the designer matches the red brown belt from boyscout uniform with the looks on the runway so well! How creative! My camera was so lame that night. It didn't work well when shooting the night shots so I don't have the materials to show you. That's why I have to borrow some pics from ThaiCatWalk website to show some of my favourite looks.You can browse the rest of the galleries fromto see all the collections from others brands in the EFW.

The first two are from 27Friday. The craving for that maxi dress all most kills me! It's absolutely gorgeous. The last two are from Disaya. Great collection as well. I like the stars printing. It's inspiring and it reminds me of those glow-in-the-dark star-like stones sticked to the ceiling of my old bedroom. And the last one, as mustard yellow is my favourite colour of all time, it's hard for me not to fall in love with that top.

This one is my most favourite, I must say, The crown jewel of that night's shows. This is one from 27Friday's collection. I really love the pattern of that suit and shirt. It's 100% Thai identity. Also,you can see the boyscout belt that I mention above. Che fantastico!

All the photo credits go to

This is me,hahaha, having fun with photo shooting with my friend before the show

Have fun!

Eva S.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vissi d'amore # 5: Dreams we have left

I was wondering, how many dreams do we have to leave during the time we grow up to be a grown person? Have you ever think about something like this? For me, it comes to my mind all the time as now i'm going to be graduated and it's time for me to decide about my future. Gee, I hate that word, "Future", it sounds painful. Now i'm so into everything about fashion. I'm not so fashion-wise but at least one thing that I know, I'm happy with it. Somehow,I dare not to decide to place my future in this business yet.

When i was young, my first dream was to be an artist,a painter. Hahaha that was even before I know Botticelli's angels and all the works of Raffaello. I used to draw and paint something all the time. I even had the biggest and most beautiful water colour case in class when I was in grade3. My mom brought it for me from Hongkong.

Then I grew older and I thought that I didn't live in the age of Renaissance anymore and a job like this might not work in the real world.

Then,in my junior high years, I dreamed of becoming a film director like my Idol, Baz Luhrmann and the most talented,Mr. Peter Jackson. I wrote my own screenplay, I drew costumes and even made a movie with friends. I was in love with films, screenwriting and all about that stuff for a while! I even designed my own dress for the Oscars! hahaha

Then, I realised that it wasn't easy and it maybe not really my way.

So last summer, my dad sent me to Italy for the inturnship at the Embassy in Rome. I was in love with all the glamorous life of a diplomat; privileges, party and also a life in exotic lands! but on second thought, me...a state worker? I don't think so!

nd there are still so many dreams that I have left along the way to become a grown-up...can i really use that word yet? "grown-up"? hahaha i'm not even sure about it. But anyway, I don't have to bother thinking about the future now, right? Just like I said, the only thing that matter is I'm happy with what I'm doing. And also we don't only live by food and water but also love and dreams as well. So we shouldn't abandon our dreams even how silly they are. They keep you ALIVE !

So this is it! It's time for the search for inspiration again but now, I have 2 TICKETS TO ELLE FASHION WEEK Autumn-Winter 2009/2010 IN MY HANDS ! And I'm heading to do the thing that I love at the moment! Gotta go! and catch up my review about the show here, in the next entry.

Arrivederci and hope ypu enjoy the rest of the week!

Big kisses, Eva S.

Venezia, a dream land for most people and also for me and there I was, taking this picture by my own hands with my own camera. Future is only about making your dream come true, right? Don't give up!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vissi d'arte # 4: D.I.Y

Today I went out to a weekend market with my bestfriend and we were there all afternoon. Today I bought so many things; new scarf, 2 new shirts, glasses and a pair of new shoes! Gee, since when have I become a Shoppaholic? Hahaha anyway, I bought 2 nice plain bag from the market coz i had an idea of painting my D.I.Y bags! and here they are!

This one is to promote my own blog! hahaha "vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore" is about to go everywhere with me!

and This one,is my 'Pascal Who' bag! I really very love it! It's inspired by Mr. Pascal Grob and his 'Karl who' D.I.Y. bag! He's my real idol so i decided to make something about him ^^

It's been a great weekend! Luv y'all!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vissi d'arte # 3 : Inspiration

Yesterday I went out to meet a friend of mine who I hardly see because of our tight schedules during the past semester. Then after my friend left, I met another friend from school and we ended up went shopping together. It was great spending time with friends. But it wasn't the moment with friends that i'm writing about today, it was the time when I was alone that inspired me.

My friend and a kitten in front of a boutique

Nomally I don't go out alone, there's always someone with me. But lately I think I prefer 'thinking' than 'chatting'! Hahahaha My beloved ipod touch and I stick together a lot lately. Having my favourite songs plugged in my ears, get dressed, and go out on the street for inspirations has become my favourite hobby at this time. I love watching people! Hahaha It's fun to be an observer of people's life! You know, as I wrote in my previous entries that I enjoy analysing feelings of characters in paintings. I do just the same thing in reallife as well! People are the charaters in the biggest painting called 'World'! hahahah Also, I enjoy observe people's styles as fashion has become a part in my favourite list. People these days, I have to admit, that they have such taste and style! There are many times that i get the inspirations for my looks from people passing by.

Shakespears once said "All the world's a stage..." but to me, I have to say "All the world is a runway where men and women can express they stand points through what they are wearing!"

Photo credit : Me !

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vissi d'amore # 4 : Love

It's not easy to find a place to tell the world that you are in love with someone
...especially when that 'someone' of you lives in a far...far away land.

Poor Lion,you're carrying such a burden,delivering those love to the right hands,you promise?

Photo credit: Me!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vissi d'arte # 2 : a heaven on Earth

It's a rainy and gloomy day here in the city of Bangkok so I stayed at home all day which is quite boring as I've spent all of my day at the laptop and in front of the TV. I don't like the weather like this at all. It's hot and humid. I was staring out of the window, to the cloudy sky, while I was thinking about some better place to be. And the idea came to me, the idea of how much I miss a place I used to be. The idea of Piazza del Popolo.

My inturnship in Rome last summer did left me alot of unforgettable memories about places and people.-Like this one- At the end of Via del Corso in Rome, situated a great space with a lot of people. In every direction you turn, you'll see a lot of great architectures like an Egyptian Obelisk in the heart of the piazza, great fountain of Neptune on one side, Pincio on the other and also the twin churches at the entrace. Though I know that its past is quite scary as it was a former place for public execution until C.19, Piazza del Popolo to me is where my heaven on Earth.<3

Pincio in sunset, see how beautiful when the last light of the day hits the marble fountain!

I like its colours, you know, especially in the evening before sunset. I'd never forget the feeling when I was there, chill wind blowing, with a cone of melon and yogurt gelato in my hand, eating and admiring how can hands of humans create such a place!

I wish I could be there again someday.
Ci vediamo di nuovo, la mia bella Italia! Speriamo!

Photo Credit : Me!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vissi d'amore # 3 : Fashion

How do I look?

Photo Credit : Ali

Check out my other looks at :

Monday, October 5, 2009

Vissi d'amore # 2 : Morning email check


First thing I do every morning after I open my eyes to greet morning light is to switch on my laptop computer. Checking emails, update Twitter and Facebooks in the morning are the things to do before starting my day. Outside,it seems like a good day today as there's sunshine. Hope there won't be no rain coz yesterday it rained all day, keeping me trapped at home!I'm going out for some inspiration (even my one and only inspiration is already here, in the World Wide Web <3 )Buona giornata a tutti!

Too lazy to get out of bed

Vissi d'amore # 1 : I love Arts

Get to know me a little better: I'm an Arts student. We call the place where I go as "The faculty of Arts" but artistic methods are not something teachers here will teach students in class. I'm studying the arts of living, actually, those related to phylosophy, cultures, histories, ideas and languages. Through a painting, I don't study how to paint, instead, I learn how to read and understand it's meaning. Through a piece of art, I don't study only its literal meaning but also its figurative one.

"La Scuola di Atene" by Raffaello in Vatican

I prefer paintings (especially those Renaissance ones) more than any forms of art . But recently photography is taking its place in my list of favourite as i've become addicted to fashion photography websites :) I like to think about what the protagonists in a painting are thinking as i wrote in my previous entry. They are complex characters which, through their expression, you never know what kind of thoughts did the artist intended to put on their mind(unless you go an ask him. But we might need a time machine to do so, right?)

It's a challenging hobby, don't you think? That's why I love it!

In front of Galleria degli Uffizi, in Florence,
a street artist whom I approached, gave him a quarter ,and hugged him! hahaha

A facade of a building in Pisa.
see the size of it comparing to the man at the bottom O-o !

Photo Credit : Me!

Vissi d'arte # 1 : Botticelli's angels

Recently i've been writing an essay on the cultural movement of Renaissance. Actually I've been studying it for years now and it's become one of my main interests. From my studies, i've come across many fascinating paintings from different eras. And there's one element that always capture my attention, shifting my focus from the main story to it. They are the angels. Botticelli's angels are my favourite and he is my favourite Renaissance painter as well. His angels always blind me from the focal point of the painting. With fine edge lines and vivid colours, they are so adorable and to me, they are characters with complex expression. I'd never understand how they feel, what they are thinking even from whom did the artist depict them. But it's fun to think though.

Botticelli's Madonna del Magnificat
(Madonna col Bambino col cinque angeli)

In my world, angels are everywhere. If you look closely, you may find one in your family or amoung your friends. You might come across some while walking on the street. Even you yourself might be an angel for someone. We all live in a city of angels. And trust me, they are everywhere.

On the street, chalk colour painting by a street artist in Rome.

Even on a construction site,in front of Galleria degli Uffizi a Firenze.

These last two pics were taken by me from my previous trip to Italy, April'09.