Friday, December 31, 2010

Vissi d'OST # 1 : Introducing "I live for music inspired by motion picture."

Happy New Year, all my fellow bloggers and my beloved readers!

I wish you all a magical and inspiring new year!

Well, new year, for most people, it's all about a "fresh start", right?

a start of something new.

So, on the 1-1-11, I'm introducing you a new section of my blog.

It's called "Vissi d'OST".

starting with a question ;

"Have you ever had a song from a movie that you just saw recently stuck in your mind all day? Or some music score that keeps playing over and over in your head and makes you wanna see that movie again?"

some may say 'yes', some may say 'no'.

But for me, it happens to me...most of the time.

"OST" stands for "Original Soundtracks".

So in this section, I'm bringing you songs from various movies. All the songs that have influenced me and inspired me. As you know, I'm a big movie geek and also a music freak. And these 2 things can't be separated.

Songs that the filmmakers wisely put in their films are the most practical tool to capture the atmostphere of some certain scenes so that the viewers can enjoy the feeling conveyed through the acting and dialogues better and easier.

So, here's the first song for this entry : "Come pick me up" from Ryan Adams

One of the collection of freaking good music from the motion picture "Elizabethtown" (2005)

Everyone who has seen "Elizabethtown" must remember this memorable moment when Drew (Orlando Bloom) and Claire (Kirsten Dunst), two lonely stranfers who met on the flight to Elizabethtown, were talking on the phone all night, sharing their stories, getting to know each other. And later, they decided to come out to meet each other at dawn. That's when the song is played. slow melody with the air of country song and with the feeling of loneliness shouting "come pick me up".

That's simply unforgettable.

Well, I will leave you with the song.

Be inspired,

Eva S

Claire: "Don't forget! 60B!"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vissi d'arte # 14 : Intriguing exotic inspirations

Odds and ends from the roadtrip

Vientiane - Laos - Dec / 2010
Nong Khai - Thailand - Dec / 2010
Chieng Khan - Thailand - Dec / 2010

"What are you waiting for, Russian ladies?"
Russian doll on a souvenir stall - Vientiane - Laos

"Aimless watch"
a random lady doll in a streetside stall - Vientiane - Laos

"Never get lost, pal"
Two frog sculptures on the top of a tourist attraction sign - Nong Khai - Thailand

"Ancestor's treasures, tourist's souvenirs"
ancient coins and buddha images at a souvenir shop - Vientiane - Laos

"Roadside atelier"
a random street artist studio - Chieng Khan - Thailand

"The is where I was, where I am, and where I will be"
Laos's l'Arc de Triomphe, as the country was once a colony of France - Vientiane - Laos

"Pilgrim's carriage"
Tuktuk - Vientiane - Laos

"Playing Caravaggio"
Me, tried to make a Chiaro scuro shot of my brother and cousins - Chieng Khan - Thailand

Inspiration is really everwhere. The only thing that matters is how you see it and capture it. So just tie your shoes and grab your camera.

Eva S.

All photo credits go to me ;D

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vissi d'amore # 14 : Toys' stories

Toys. The first extravagant items we want since we were little. I had heaps of toys when I was young. As time goes by, some toys were replaced by books, cosmetics, electronic devices or video games. But for some people, their toys have never left their places.

Toys are one of my passions. As in my previous entry about Underground Toy exhibition that I accidentally found.

Toys have stories of their own. Mine too, they have a lot to tell; the story of how they were found, the atmosphere of the place where they came from, the feeling of the person who gave them to me, etc.

My favourite ones are figurines, especially figurines from movies. The rarer they are, the more precious they become and in the same time, the older they are, the more precious and rarer they become...

"Gollum" From The Lord of The Rings : The Two Towers.One of the items in my rare collection. This one I got in 2002 from The Extended DVD collection. This limited edition could worth a lot in the next 10 years!

Some travelled across the sea...

"Harry Potter figurine". It was a gift from UK from my highschool best buddy. The year the first movie was premiered.

Some didn't come easy. Some took months of searching...

"Mr. Spock and Spock Prime figurine" I just got these two guys recently. As the movie (Star Trek - 2009)was launched last year, it was quite impossible to find these two main characters. But after months of searching, I got them! (But I still can't find Captain Kirk)

By looking at one's toy box, it's fascinating how a piece of toy can tell so much of its owner. whether the owner is a boy or a girl. how they treat their toys. what's their passion in life. Some love girlish dolls because they adore beauty. Some collect figurines from their favorite movies as they want to materialize the feeling that a movie brings. Some born to be an architect, that's why they always carry a bucket of legos with them everywhere. etc.

And here's the fun part...You can create your own story with your toy.

...Or like me, when I brought fairy tale to the next level!

Although they are not Ken and Barbie, they can make a lovely couple, right, Tinker Bell?

So no one is too old for toys. Keep your toys, especially your childhood toys, close to your heart for they can be a gateway to bring you back to those good old days.

Eva S.

(photo credit - ME)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vissi d'arte # 13 : cartoonization

Drawing can be a creative hobby, a way to relax, even a career for some people.

To me, drawing is a way to let my mind sink deep into my see what's buried deep in my mind and then make that thought visible as a figure on a plain paper.

Drawing cartoon or manga is something I do since I was a kid. In my middle school days, I even made my own comic book out of a school notebook.

I was raised by imagination.

I don't agree when people say "I can't draw." or "I don't know how to draw."
I don't know either.
I've never attended a drawing class seriously.

I just draw.

It's simple.

I like to draw people. I draw my friends, my brother, even imaginary people.

When drawing real people, your friends for example, to make your drawing look alike those people, you have to observe them.

I used to spend time gazing at my friends photos to find their distinctive points before i start to transform them into a cartoon character.

And surprisingly that moment can make you see something in them that you've never noticed before, like how beautiful their eyes are or how thin their lips are. Also the memories of the time you spent with them will come to you like a flashback in your mind. Then by the time you start drawing, you will realized that you have just spent a good amount of time letting yourself sinking in your memories.

Me, doing some drawing of my friends in Disney cartoon style.

To me, just a little help of your imagination, anyone who is capable to move their hand by holding a pencil can draw.

Raphael's Head of a Muse (1508) picture credit

Some people are born to make great art, but some me, just draw to heal their weary hearts.

So why hesitate? Grab your pencil now!

Eva S

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vissi d'arte # 12 : Fashion inspired by princesses

Here are something I did recently from

Fashion inspired by Disney princesses: Cinderella, Jasmin, Ariel, Snow White and also Tinker Bell.

By bringing out their characteristics, identities and colours, I created the looks that one can actually wear to a party or wear on any casual occasions and not looking too fanciful.

The look inspired by Princess Jasmin from "Aladdin"

The look inspired by Cinderella

This look is inspired by Snow White

And last but not least, the look inspired by Tinker Bell, my all time favourite fairy!

Oh how I love inspirations!

Eva S.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Vissi d'amore # 12 : On a journey...

There are two major worlds in my utopia. One is the world of Fantasy and the other is the world of Reality.

The world of Reality is closely connected to another world called the world of Maturity and Responsibility.

To travel from the world of Fantasy to the world of Reality requires more than 'Faith, trust and fairy Dust". You need a special kind of transportation known as "Growing-up" which is a very 'expensive' course.

Documentation? Most basic thing you need is a special passport called academic degree and qualifications.

Price to pay? only most of your dream energy and optimism. You can load a bucket full of magic and fantasy with you to the trip but once you arrive at the world of Reality, what in your bucket is nothing but fading smoke. And you need a very strong pair of wings of dream to carry you there too!

Sounds frightening, doesn't it?

I'm taking that journey. Hope my wing are stong enough.

Bon Voyage!

Eva S.

Photo credit : ME. "Bernini's angel" from the Vatican

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vissi d'arte # 11 : Don't let good dreams slip. Catch'em!

"Folk lores, tales and legends are alway fascinating for me."

For people who've been having bad dreams, let's make yourself a dreamcatcher!

I'm a kind of person who's really into good luck charms and this kind of things. That's why a dreamcatcher attracts me so much. Its shape, its decorations and the story behind it, they are all so captivating!

"Dreamcatcher" is a kind of charm against nightmares, originated from the culture of a native american tribe called Ojibwe.

The legend has it that a dream catcher is used to catch bad dreams,letting only good dreams pass through to the sleeping person. All nightmares will be trapped by the web and will be destroyed by the morning sunlight.

Interesting, isn't it?

So let's make !

Here are the things you need: a ring
(which can be made by beding a clothes-hanger into a circle form),
flax lace or suede lace, beads and feathers.

First, curl up the hanger into circle.
Then, wrap around the ring with the lace.
tie the web. Row by row.

Decorate the ring with beads and feathers

Finally, Hang it above your bed and say goodbye to bad dreams!

Remember, magic is everywhere.
Eva S.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Vissi d'arte # 10: Unearth the underground inspiration

National Children's day has just passed and the atmosphere of the yearning for childhood joy still lingers in the air. At least for me. So the inspiration for this entry is about toy.

Last December I went to a toy exhibition called
"the 3rd Underground Figures Festival"
at ArtGorillas ArtGallery, Siam Square.

The works showed in the exhibition were impressive, full of creativity. Most displayed items were strange action figures, paintings, and knickknacks. All of them were the fruits of novelty. And most of all, the artist of such striking pieces of works were none other but talented thai bloggers. I don't know any of them in personal neither have read any of their blogs, but I can tell from their works that these are no mere teenagers. Talented artist, they are. Offsprings of the Renaissance!

These are some examples of the work from the exhibition

small gallery, full of creativity

Enjoy my comeback!

Eva S.

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