Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vissi d'arte # 11 : Don't let good dreams slip. Catch'em!

"Folk lores, tales and legends are alway fascinating for me."

For people who've been having bad dreams, let's make yourself a dreamcatcher!

I'm a kind of person who's really into good luck charms and this kind of things. That's why a dreamcatcher attracts me so much. Its shape, its decorations and the story behind it, they are all so captivating!

"Dreamcatcher" is a kind of charm against nightmares, originated from the culture of a native american tribe called Ojibwe.

The legend has it that a dream catcher is used to catch bad dreams,letting only good dreams pass through to the sleeping person. All nightmares will be trapped by the web and will be destroyed by the morning sunlight.

Interesting, isn't it?

So let's make !

Here are the things you need: a ring
(which can be made by beding a clothes-hanger into a circle form),
flax lace or suede lace, beads and feathers.

First, curl up the hanger into circle.
Then, wrap around the ring with the lace.
tie the web. Row by row.

Decorate the ring with beads and feathers

Finally, Hang it above your bed and say goodbye to bad dreams!

Remember, magic is everywhere.
Eva S.


viewzfinder said...


Eva S. said...

yesss ja!

INTIZ said...

Hey!Long time no see.what's up?? Love your DIY..Actually my room has that dream catcher,too.But a spider made it for me!! LoL!! Just kiddin' :-)

Andalucia said...

I have one at the window near my bed :)

Erica said...

oooo i should make one of those for myself too!