Monday, March 1, 2010

Vissi d'amore # 12 : On a journey...

There are two major worlds in my utopia. One is the world of Fantasy and the other is the world of Reality.

The world of Reality is closely connected to another world called the world of Maturity and Responsibility.

To travel from the world of Fantasy to the world of Reality requires more than 'Faith, trust and fairy Dust". You need a special kind of transportation known as "Growing-up" which is a very 'expensive' course.

Documentation? Most basic thing you need is a special passport called academic degree and qualifications.

Price to pay? only most of your dream energy and optimism. You can load a bucket full of magic and fantasy with you to the trip but once you arrive at the world of Reality, what in your bucket is nothing but fading smoke. And you need a very strong pair of wings of dream to carry you there too!

Sounds frightening, doesn't it?

I'm taking that journey. Hope my wing are stong enough.

Bon Voyage!

Eva S.

Photo credit : ME. "Bernini's angel" from the Vatican


chariya said...

This journey has no end! Keep fighting :]

Eva S. said...

Thank you na ka ^^

~?~ sa said...

i love this!