Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vissi d'arte # 13 : cartoonization

Drawing can be a creative hobby, a way to relax, even a career for some people.

To me, drawing is a way to let my mind sink deep into my see what's buried deep in my mind and then make that thought visible as a figure on a plain paper.

Drawing cartoon or manga is something I do since I was a kid. In my middle school days, I even made my own comic book out of a school notebook.

I was raised by imagination.

I don't agree when people say "I can't draw." or "I don't know how to draw."
I don't know either.
I've never attended a drawing class seriously.

I just draw.

It's simple.

I like to draw people. I draw my friends, my brother, even imaginary people.

When drawing real people, your friends for example, to make your drawing look alike those people, you have to observe them.

I used to spend time gazing at my friends photos to find their distinctive points before i start to transform them into a cartoon character.

And surprisingly that moment can make you see something in them that you've never noticed before, like how beautiful their eyes are or how thin their lips are. Also the memories of the time you spent with them will come to you like a flashback in your mind. Then by the time you start drawing, you will realized that you have just spent a good amount of time letting yourself sinking in your memories.

Me, doing some drawing of my friends in Disney cartoon style.

To me, just a little help of your imagination, anyone who is capable to move their hand by holding a pencil can draw.

Raphael's Head of a Muse (1508) picture credit

Some people are born to make great art, but some me, just draw to heal their weary hearts.

So why hesitate? Grab your pencil now!

Eva S

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Jenny Beattie said...

Hello Eva, thanks for the follow over at my place. Inspiration is everywhere - particularly in Bangkok - the trick is not to rush past but to SEE it! Jenny