Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vissi d'amore # 14 : Toys' stories

Toys. The first extravagant items we want since we were little. I had heaps of toys when I was young. As time goes by, some toys were replaced by books, cosmetics, electronic devices or video games. But for some people, their toys have never left their places.

Toys are one of my passions. As in my previous entry about Underground Toy exhibition that I accidentally found.

Toys have stories of their own. Mine too, they have a lot to tell; the story of how they were found, the atmosphere of the place where they came from, the feeling of the person who gave them to me, etc.

My favourite ones are figurines, especially figurines from movies. The rarer they are, the more precious they become and in the same time, the older they are, the more precious and rarer they become...

"Gollum" From The Lord of The Rings : The Two Towers.One of the items in my rare collection. This one I got in 2002 from The Extended DVD collection. This limited edition could worth a lot in the next 10 years!

Some travelled across the sea...

"Harry Potter figurine". It was a gift from UK from my highschool best buddy. The year the first movie was premiered.

Some didn't come easy. Some took months of searching...

"Mr. Spock and Spock Prime figurine" I just got these two guys recently. As the movie (Star Trek - 2009)was launched last year, it was quite impossible to find these two main characters. But after months of searching, I got them! (But I still can't find Captain Kirk)

By looking at one's toy box, it's fascinating how a piece of toy can tell so much of its owner. whether the owner is a boy or a girl. how they treat their toys. what's their passion in life. Some love girlish dolls because they adore beauty. Some collect figurines from their favorite movies as they want to materialize the feeling that a movie brings. Some born to be an architect, that's why they always carry a bucket of legos with them everywhere. etc.

And here's the fun part...You can create your own story with your toy.

...Or like me, when I brought fairy tale to the next level!

Although they are not Ken and Barbie, they can make a lovely couple, right, Tinker Bell?

So no one is too old for toys. Keep your toys, especially your childhood toys, close to your heart for they can be a gateway to bring you back to those good old days.

Eva S.

(photo credit - ME)


Panjaporn said...

มันไม่มีปุ่มไลค์อ่ะ แต่กดไลค์ให้นะ :)

ออย ^^

Eva S. said...

weee....Thank you kaaa <3