Monday, January 10, 2011

Vissi d'arte # 16 : The answer to our lives

Greeting 1-11-11


Last week I had a chance to visit Bangkok Art and Cultural Center. At first, my plan was to see the exhibition of Cesare Pavese, a famous italian writer, organised by the Italian Embassy, but destiny drew me into something else.

I went into a small gallery in which there was an exhibition of a stone sculptor. There aren't many sculptures displayed at this gallery and it's even harder to find artists who would be there to talk to people who come to appreciate their works. But that day, I found everything i was looking for; marble sculptures, the artist himself, and some answers I've been looking for.

That day changed my life.

You know, for the last few months I felt so lost. I was forced to walk into the path that I don't belong. I was afraid to be myself and to choose and to make difficult decisions.

Like Dante's words,"Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita, mi troverai per una selva oscura..."

Life offered me no map, and I found myself lost in a dark forest.

But now I see.

That day I spent a good amount of time interviewed the artist. From my previous courses, I've learned a few things about art. I love art and I do know well about marble masterpieces. So it was like we spoke the same language. But the thing that captivated me weren't only his astronising works but it was the story behind them and the story of the artist himself.

The man graduated from a renowned university of technology in Thailand. Then he went on a journey in search of his soul and ended up getting a master degree in woman philosophy from India. He spent a good amount of year abroad...he wrote some books and finally sat down to work on the marble.

Everyting seems like a series of events with no connection or coherence.

So I asked him, "Why did you become a marble sculptor?"

His answer was short but logical enough.

He said, "Because I love it."

That's it! That's the answer of life. That's what I was looking for.
It doesn't matter to what path life is leading you to. But in the end, we all have to come back and stick to what we love. Because it's who we are. You can't deny who you are, can you?

You can do everything in the world if you love it. The artist learned the marble techniques by passion and look at him now! An eminent artist with numbers of marvelous works.

So that day, I came home and finally made a decision.

I told myself,
"It's time to catch up with the dream I left and to be who I was born to be."


So is there anyone out there still trapped in a dark forest? It's time to step out and find the answers to your lives.

Here are some pics:

The inspiring artist, Mr. Chanathip Chaiyayanggoon

His exhibition

Newspaper article about the artist and his works.


Keep looking and you will find.

Goodluck, Eva S.

Photo credit : me.


cactus and rum said...

This is a very beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

Eva S. said...

Thank you for dropping by. ;D

Hanna de Koning said...

Hi Eva, I am very touched by your story, It helps me refocus my life! Be yourself and be great! Love, Hanna