Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vissi d'OST # 2 : Embrace the different sides of life

Life always takes us to different places.

Along the way, we may face many things

Like happiness,





But we've gotta learn to embrace the fact that life has many aspects.

Among tears, there might be a smile.

but in the same time, among those smiles, you can also find tears.

And that's what makes life amazing, that's what makes it beautiful.


This song is "Life is beautiful" by Vega4

I first heard it from the trailer of the movie "My sister's keeper".
I've never seen this tear-jerking movie but I've heard about its awesomness.

The movie is now showing in the local cable this month. I think i've gotta see it at least once.

Have a nice day, dear readers.

Eva s.

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