Monday, November 16, 2009

Vissi d'amore # 8 : Passion for blank space

This Vissi d'amore is about my notebook collection!
Yes, I love notebooks coz i love to write and draw something on an empty paper. Even now there's an immense blank space called "a blog" for me to write whatever I want without wasting another tree in the forest, notebooks still have more charms for me as inspirations always come to me when staring at a blank paper than a blinking cursor.

This one is the notebook and agenda all in one with collection of paintings of a scottish painter Jack vettriano,one of my fav contemporary artists.

You know, I even own more notebooks than reading books!
I'm always easily drawn to a nice designed notebook.

This one looks like an antique pocket book to me. If only I could finish the story i've been writing...

This one is very cute with a cartoon of a lone french woman telling about her story on the road. See how nice the graphic on the paper is! How cute!

the collection of korean notebooks with the pics of Rome,my always beloved city on the covers

And there are many times that I buy one without knowing what to write. Sometimes I buy a very beautiful notebook that I don't want to write anything on the paper coz i'm afraid to ruin it.

This one is an-antique-like mulberry paper notebook, very beautiful. It's the crown jewel of my collection. I bought it 3 years ago from a bookfair and even now it's still all blank.

Inspiration, for me, to write or draw or create something has never dried out eventhough there are times that inspiration is hard to find.

My diary used to be a notebook as thick as a very big business organizer diary

I buy a notebook for someday I believe that there would be something; some ideas, some drawings, or some stories that are worth keeping in such a special notebook.

So I wish my story inspires you in some way. Search your desk drawer, maybe you'd find your forgotten notebook with something in your head to write.

Sweet dream,

Eva S.