Monday, November 23, 2009

Vissi d'arte # 9 : Let the movie heals your soul

Some people might be looking for some kind of therapy for their weary souls.

Some try retrail therapy, letting money wash away all worries.
Some try alcohol, letting the chemistry in their body lead them into a wonderland of thousands of fireflies and blur images.
Some try music as it's considered the first-aid of all malaises.
Some try driving fast car, books, eating, etcetera.

I am also among those "some" who are trying to find a peace of mind. And I've chosen 'film therapy'. To me, I breath inspiration, I live inspiration and I love inspiration! So when there are few to find in real life, I turn to films.

The time when you watch a movie is like spending 2 or 3 hours watching the lives of the others. During that time, you'll be allowed to forget who you are for a moment. At first you'll be left in an exotic land with unfamiliar people and foreign melody in the background. Then, little by little, you'll become accostumed to those people, places and music. You'll hear their words, understand their ideas, and finally learn their lessons. And in the ends those people will lead you back to reality with new concepts in your mind about whatever thing you've been looking for. You'll hear the sound of the ending and it will keep sounding in your head for a long while.

That's the sign of the arrival or inspiration for me.
Interesting, isn't it? This kind of therapy.

Now if you are looking for some inspirational movies, I suggest you try "Elizabethtown".
Everything is there for you; exotic places, inspiring people and music.

In search of a good soul remedy such as inspiration, you'll need a good map. With one in your hand, you'll never get lost!

"Don't forget, 60B!"

What about you? Tell me in what movie you've been wandering to find inspiration.

Enjoy the show,

Eva S.

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