Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vissi d'arte # 14 : Intriguing exotic inspirations

Odds and ends from the roadtrip

Vientiane - Laos - Dec / 2010
Nong Khai - Thailand - Dec / 2010
Chieng Khan - Thailand - Dec / 2010

"What are you waiting for, Russian ladies?"
Russian doll on a souvenir stall - Vientiane - Laos

"Aimless watch"
a random lady doll in a streetside stall - Vientiane - Laos

"Never get lost, pal"
Two frog sculptures on the top of a tourist attraction sign - Nong Khai - Thailand

"Ancestor's treasures, tourist's souvenirs"
ancient coins and buddha images at a souvenir shop - Vientiane - Laos

"Roadside atelier"
a random street artist studio - Chieng Khan - Thailand

"The is where I was, where I am, and where I will be"
Laos's l'Arc de Triomphe, as the country was once a colony of France - Vientiane - Laos

"Pilgrim's carriage"
Tuktuk - Vientiane - Laos

"Playing Caravaggio"
Me, tried to make a Chiaro scuro shot of my brother and cousins - Chieng Khan - Thailand

Inspiration is really everwhere. The only thing that matters is how you see it and capture it. So just tie your shoes and grab your camera.

Eva S.

All photo credits go to me ;D


Jiraporn said...

so inspiring photos
wanna go there loei

Eva S. said...

oh you are so sweet. Thanks for visiting my blog. We really have to travel together someday ;D It's gonna be fun