Friday, December 31, 2010

Vissi d'OST # 1 : Introducing "I live for music inspired by motion picture."

Happy New Year, all my fellow bloggers and my beloved readers!

I wish you all a magical and inspiring new year!

Well, new year, for most people, it's all about a "fresh start", right?

a start of something new.

So, on the 1-1-11, I'm introducing you a new section of my blog.

It's called "Vissi d'OST".

starting with a question ;

"Have you ever had a song from a movie that you just saw recently stuck in your mind all day? Or some music score that keeps playing over and over in your head and makes you wanna see that movie again?"

some may say 'yes', some may say 'no'.

But for me, it happens to me...most of the time.

"OST" stands for "Original Soundtracks".

So in this section, I'm bringing you songs from various movies. All the songs that have influenced me and inspired me. As you know, I'm a big movie geek and also a music freak. And these 2 things can't be separated.

Songs that the filmmakers wisely put in their films are the most practical tool to capture the atmostphere of some certain scenes so that the viewers can enjoy the feeling conveyed through the acting and dialogues better and easier.

So, here's the first song for this entry : "Come pick me up" from Ryan Adams

One of the collection of freaking good music from the motion picture "Elizabethtown" (2005)

Everyone who has seen "Elizabethtown" must remember this memorable moment when Drew (Orlando Bloom) and Claire (Kirsten Dunst), two lonely stranfers who met on the flight to Elizabethtown, were talking on the phone all night, sharing their stories, getting to know each other. And later, they decided to come out to meet each other at dawn. That's when the song is played. slow melody with the air of country song and with the feeling of loneliness shouting "come pick me up".

That's simply unforgettable.

Well, I will leave you with the song.

Be inspired,

Eva S

Claire: "Don't forget! 60B!"

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