Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vissi d'amore # 5: Dreams we have left

I was wondering, how many dreams do we have to leave during the time we grow up to be a grown person? Have you ever think about something like this? For me, it comes to my mind all the time as now i'm going to be graduated and it's time for me to decide about my future. Gee, I hate that word, "Future", it sounds painful. Now i'm so into everything about fashion. I'm not so fashion-wise but at least one thing that I know, I'm happy with it. Somehow,I dare not to decide to place my future in this business yet.

When i was young, my first dream was to be an artist,a painter. Hahaha that was even before I know Botticelli's angels and all the works of Raffaello. I used to draw and paint something all the time. I even had the biggest and most beautiful water colour case in class when I was in grade3. My mom brought it for me from Hongkong.

Then I grew older and I thought that I didn't live in the age of Renaissance anymore and a job like this might not work in the real world.

Then,in my junior high years, I dreamed of becoming a film director like my Idol, Baz Luhrmann and the most talented,Mr. Peter Jackson. I wrote my own screenplay, I drew costumes and even made a movie with friends. I was in love with films, screenwriting and all about that stuff for a while! I even designed my own dress for the Oscars! hahaha

Then, I realised that it wasn't easy and it maybe not really my way.

So last summer, my dad sent me to Italy for the inturnship at the Embassy in Rome. I was in love with all the glamorous life of a diplomat; privileges, party and also a life in exotic lands! but on second thought, me...a state worker? I don't think so!

nd there are still so many dreams that I have left along the way to become a grown-up...can i really use that word yet? "grown-up"? hahaha i'm not even sure about it. But anyway, I don't have to bother thinking about the future now, right? Just like I said, the only thing that matter is I'm happy with what I'm doing. And also we don't only live by food and water but also love and dreams as well. So we shouldn't abandon our dreams even how silly they are. They keep you ALIVE !

So this is it! It's time for the search for inspiration again but now, I have 2 TICKETS TO ELLE FASHION WEEK Autumn-Winter 2009/2010 IN MY HANDS ! And I'm heading to do the thing that I love at the moment! Gotta go! and catch up my review about the show here, in the next entry.

Arrivederci and hope ypu enjoy the rest of the week!

Big kisses, Eva S.

Venezia, a dream land for most people and also for me and there I was, taking this picture by my own hands with my own camera. Future is only about making your dream come true, right? Don't give up!


INTIZ said...

Ciao Eva..Come stai?? How was the shows yesterday?? I think I saw you yest' with that PASCAL who!! S'spiacente that I didn't go greeting you in person..I was kinda engage with da tickets biz'. Hmm..seems like you like Venice.I'm going there next year for my sis' graduation..Hope to snap like you've done na ka :-)ciao//ciao!!

gd said...

nice blog! Like it! i follow you, it'd be nice if you wanna visit and follow my blog too, for catching up etc, XOs