Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vissi d'amore #6 : Perfume

Have you ever forgotten to wear perfume before leaving your dressing table? I have and trust me, it was not a good day at all. It just happened to me a few days ago that's why I decided to write about my obsession of it!

I like going out with a good attitude. get dressed up with style and have my ipod earphones plugged in my ears are something I have to do before starting a "nice day". Perfume is another thing I can't live without. It's not just a sweet smell that you leave in a car or on the path when you walk by. Perfume is, to me, a tool to boost my confidence. If I forget to wear perfume before going out, I'd feel like i'm not fully dressed! Seriously, I'm addicted to those sweet scents, I must say.

I got my first bottle of fragrance from my mom when I was in junior high. It was Ralph Cool by Ralph Lauren. I fall in love with sweet smell of perfume ever since. Maybe I got this love of perfume from my mom. She collects perfume bottles since she was a college girl and displays all of them in a showcase in her bedroom!

But it's a bit weird that I'm not into the kind of floral scent. My mom once said that I'm not so 'girlish' when speaking of my taste and she also named the kind of fragrance that I like as "bubble gum scent". I got a thing about fruity smelling perfumes or light ones like that Ralph Cool one, Lacoste Pink perfume and my recently favourite 'Just me' by Paris Hilton and CK In2U.

Here are what's on my dressing table:

Ralph by Ralph Lauran, as I told you that it's my first perfume and it's still there, Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren, and Just me by Paris Hilton which I got it for my birthday from my mom.

Fiorucci by Fiorucci, I got it from Rome as I don't think there's any Fiorucci shop in Thailand (or I just haven't find it yet?), CK In2U, and a taster of Forever by Mariah Carey.

All piture credits go to

And here's the sweetheart of my collection, Miss Dior Cherie.

Photo credit : me

well, no matter how stylish you look or no matter what perfume you wear, a girl will never be fully dressed without a smile!

Keep smiling and have a great week!

Eva S.

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