Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vissi d'.... I really don't know how to categorise this entry!

Lunedi scorso, il nuovo professore d'italiano ha cercato d'incoraggiare gli studenti ad avere reazione sulla lezione. Quindi ha scritto questa frase sulla lavagna...

"Non ci sono domande stupide
ci sono solo risposte stupide"

Have you ever asked a stupid question?

Translated version: My italian teacher wrote this on the whiteboard in class last monday to encourage students to respond to the lesson. It's a proverb saying "There's no such thing like a stupid question; there are only stupid answers."

And then I ask, "Have you ever asked a stupid question?"

I think I have.

Eva S.

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gd said...

heyyyyaaa thanks for ur bday greet in my blog, really glad and appreciate it!!! pliz keep blogging and taking photos, and i'll keep reading yours hihihihi