Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vissi d'arte # 2 : a heaven on Earth

It's a rainy and gloomy day here in the city of Bangkok so I stayed at home all day which is quite boring as I've spent all of my day at the laptop and in front of the TV. I don't like the weather like this at all. It's hot and humid. I was staring out of the window, to the cloudy sky, while I was thinking about some better place to be. And the idea came to me, the idea of how much I miss a place I used to be. The idea of Piazza del Popolo.

My inturnship in Rome last summer did left me alot of unforgettable memories about places and people.-Like this one- At the end of Via del Corso in Rome, situated a great space with a lot of people. In every direction you turn, you'll see a lot of great architectures like an Egyptian Obelisk in the heart of the piazza, great fountain of Neptune on one side, Pincio on the other and also the twin churches at the entrace. Though I know that its past is quite scary as it was a former place for public execution until C.19, Piazza del Popolo to me is where my heaven on Earth.<3

Pincio in sunset, see how beautiful when the last light of the day hits the marble fountain!

I like its colours, you know, especially in the evening before sunset. I'd never forget the feeling when I was there, chill wind blowing, with a cone of melon and yogurt gelato in my hand, eating and admiring how can hands of humans create such a place!

I wish I could be there again someday.
Ci vediamo di nuovo, la mia bella Italia! Speriamo!

Photo Credit : Me!

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Lilflyingweird said...

I wish I could go there w/ u n friends
some day ^^