Monday, October 5, 2009

Vissi d'arte # 1 : Botticelli's angels

Recently i've been writing an essay on the cultural movement of Renaissance. Actually I've been studying it for years now and it's become one of my main interests. From my studies, i've come across many fascinating paintings from different eras. And there's one element that always capture my attention, shifting my focus from the main story to it. They are the angels. Botticelli's angels are my favourite and he is my favourite Renaissance painter as well. His angels always blind me from the focal point of the painting. With fine edge lines and vivid colours, they are so adorable and to me, they are characters with complex expression. I'd never understand how they feel, what they are thinking even from whom did the artist depict them. But it's fun to think though.

Botticelli's Madonna del Magnificat
(Madonna col Bambino col cinque angeli)

In my world, angels are everywhere. If you look closely, you may find one in your family or amoung your friends. You might come across some while walking on the street. Even you yourself might be an angel for someone. We all live in a city of angels. And trust me, they are everywhere.

On the street, chalk colour painting by a street artist in Rome.

Even on a construction site,in front of Galleria degli Uffizi a Firenze.

These last two pics were taken by me from my previous trip to Italy, April'09.

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