Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vissi d'arte # 3 : Inspiration

Yesterday I went out to meet a friend of mine who I hardly see because of our tight schedules during the past semester. Then after my friend left, I met another friend from school and we ended up went shopping together. It was great spending time with friends. But it wasn't the moment with friends that i'm writing about today, it was the time when I was alone that inspired me.

My friend and a kitten in front of a boutique

Nomally I don't go out alone, there's always someone with me. But lately I think I prefer 'thinking' than 'chatting'! Hahahaha My beloved ipod touch and I stick together a lot lately. Having my favourite songs plugged in my ears, get dressed, and go out on the street for inspirations has become my favourite hobby at this time. I love watching people! Hahaha It's fun to be an observer of people's life! You know, as I wrote in my previous entries that I enjoy analysing feelings of characters in paintings. I do just the same thing in reallife as well! People are the charaters in the biggest painting called 'World'! hahahah Also, I enjoy observe people's styles as fashion has become a part in my favourite list. People these days, I have to admit, that they have such taste and style! There are many times that i get the inspirations for my looks from people passing by.

Shakespears once said "All the world's a stage..." but to me, I have to say "All the world is a runway where men and women can express they stand points through what they are wearing!"

Photo credit : Me !

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