Friday, October 23, 2009

Vissi d'arte #7 : A day in an art gallery

Speaking of an Art gallery, there aren't many in Bangkok, I must say. I don't know why. I cannot say that there aren't many artists in town coz there ARE many young talented artists IN TOWN. Although I prefer those glorious museums in Europe especially in the home of the Renaissance like Florence, browsing around Bangkok for a hidden art gallery is also exciting and inspiring! Being in an art gallery keeps me at peace. It's good letting your mind in those artistic pieces and trying to interprete the messages of the artists.

Me and house models. It is an exhibition of students of faculty of architecture from the same university that I go.

Me and my friend's camera at a photography exhibition.

The display on the wall

A group of portrait painters playing music while there's no client.

A very nice shirt displayed in a gelatoria in the gallery

Pieces from an art exhibition. The pic in the middle is the pic of Lord Buddha in meditation with girls from the 60's ads...umm...very interesting :)

Photo credit: Me!

Location : Bangkok's Art and Cultural Center

Enjoy weekend, everyone!

Love, Eva S.

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